Norwich Show Centre & Shed Factory 1986-1990

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These poor quality images are the only images available from the early days. These aerial views show the Mackintosh Road site at its peak with a busy factory, a packed yard and 16 display buildings including 6 display conservatories. To the left of the image the delivery lorry and the side loading forklift are just discernible.

The image below shows the Lansing side loading fork lift. It was acquired from new at a cost of £20,000. It was ideal for moving long packs of timber in narrow aisles. The packs of timber stacked in the background are for fencing panels. Stock paving slabs are stored in the foreground. Paving slab bases were a popular option with customers buying sheds and smmerhouses. Secondhand railway sleepers were also offered as bases for timber buildings until they were withdrawn from sale at the request of the drivers and installers who had to deliver them!

The image below shows timber storage in a neighbouring yard which we occupied as an overspill area. The packs of timber stacked in the background are pressure treated fence posts with a dark brown finish. The lighter coloured packs of timber in the foreground are shed framing which has been stored outside the yard, alongside the road. This was not ideal but it was sometimes necessary at peak times when the yard was simply too full. After a few days when a few more sheds had been made the packs would be moved inside the yard when space became available.

The images below show three of the display buildings, two summerhouses and a shed. These timeless designs are still popular today.

In stock now - log cabins, metal sheds, greenhouses, gazebos, garden furniture