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Thanks great service really pleased with product

Thank you

Graham, Whitburn, Tyne and Wear, SR6, 14x8 Aluminium Lean To Gazebo 372, 16th March 2020

Hi we received the replacement part on Friday. Thank you very much for sorting this out so quickly.

I shall make sure to recommend you guys to friends and family :)

Kind regards

Ryan, Dawlish, Devon, EX7, 3 Seater Bench 210, 11th February 2020

Good Morning. Yesterday my summerhouse arrived with Chris, who was on his own as his colleague was off sick. With a little help from myself he erected the building which I found to be very sturdy and well manufactured. Chris was exceptionally friendly and cheerful despite the difficulties, so I have found dealing with your company a pleasure from ordering to the final build. Many thanks. I will definitely be coming to you again when I am ready to build a greenhouse. Best regards

Bob, Holmer Green, Buckinghamshire, HP15, 6x16 Pent Summerhouse 238, 7th February 2020

Ay up. After the desperate call yesterday me and my mate made a start yesterday on my 090 greenhouse. We had been going round in circles for two hours before we rang. We got it, and so today cracked on easily by myself.

What flummoxed us was the apparently ill fitting components building the front frame.

Knowing what I know now ....

1) Start easy and do the back assembly first. I loosely .... aaaagh

You coould do a you tube offering. Start with the back which is straight forward. Forget measuring 1179mm and frightening people. Fit the uprights to the cill loosely. Prepare the panels. Slosh some fairy liquid in. Bingo. Straightforward progress, a good start.

I am a retired and qualified decorator. I have a degree in education. I taught apprentice decorators in Keighley for 15 years. I left before getting sacked for trying to make the NVQ paperwork vaguely understandable to the poor lads and lasses who wanted to be painters, not filing clerks.

Teaching for me was about the straightforward passing on of what I know to someone who might want to know, not about being the great I Am. It was nearly 20 years ago when I gave that up. I ran a little decorating business in Ilkley till retiring here in Lincoln appen 9 years ago.

The back panel is done, the general principle grasped, screwing and bolting (eeeh when I was a lad

It might just be me and my mate who found your instructions difficult to follow. Are we looking at the front of the greenhouse from inside or outside? We were confused.

I'm not touting for a film role, nor blagging your instructions.

After a few false starts, anquish about spending £500, (i am from Yorkshire), initial struggles to translate the plans to the job in hand.

The end result is fantastic, bang on. The panels slide in, the screw holes line up etc etc but the process is not easy.

I would ...

None of my business really so I'll shut up.

The greenhouse will be bang on when finished no doubt.


Tom, Lincoln, LN1, 8x12 Greenhouse 090, 18th January 2020

Thank you for your support. Looking forward to finishing the screen, Nice looking one it is as well.


Richard, Gilgarran, Workington, CA14, Wheelie Bin Store 149, 14th January 2020

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