Summer Garden Buildings - A Few Projects

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Our First Conservatory

Our first ever conservatory is pictured below. The prefabricated wall panelss were very similar to the walls we manufactured for our summerhouses. The roof was corrugated PVC.

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Log Cabins, Sheds, Benches and a Gazebo at Venture Farm Animal Sanctuary

Venture Farm Cat Rescue is a non profit charity based in Norfolk. It is run by volunteers and re-homes hundreds of cats every year. We have been delighted to supply Venture Farm with a wide range of our garden buildings and outdoor furniture over the years. The cats appreciate a comfortable seat or a cosy haven, just like our other customers. Click here for more information about Venture Farm.

3 Log Cabins at Venture Farm

A solid log cabin is suitable sleeping accommodation for cats or people. These 3 cabins were delivered on a lorry with a truck-mounted crane and professionally installed by a specialist team of experienced log cabin fitters. We also supplied the circular tree seat and the plastic kennels which can be seen in some of the images.

Garden Benches at Venture Farm

Our chunky pressure treated garden furniture is a hit with many customers and not just these cats. By the way, that is a peacock sitting on one of our bestselling benches! Also pictured below is the picnic bench, a reliable old favourite, and the circular tree seat which seems to be the star attraction for the cats.

Various garden sheds at Venture Farm

Our Pent Shed 111 is a strong and attractive shed with distinctive and practical Georgian glazing - the small glass panes are surprisingly hard to break. With cat-flaps fitted, these 3 sheds are in use as accommodation. Shed 111 includes free fitting as does the heavy duty apex Shed 14, also pictured below, a secure and spacious shed with thicker cladding and heavy duty ironmongery. The Shed 14 is used for storage. The other pent roof sheds pictured below are delivered on a pallet within just a few days for DIY assembly. We cannot see any cat-flaps but these sheds are inside the cats enclosure so they could be in use as sleeping accommodation or for storage, or perhaps the use varies as required.

A Gazebo at Venture Farm

Many of our larger gazebos have been used as a sheltered dining area in pubs and restaurants around the country. Our Gazebo 231 is smaller but it seems to suit smaller diners just as well.

Porous Plastic Paving Grids at Venture Farm

We have supplied a lot of our recycled plastic porous paving to Venture Farm, which has been very useful. The fields quickly become wet and boggy so our porous paving is used very effectively in high traffic areas. We supply these pavers to the public as permeable driveways which comply with modern planning requirements and also as a base for sheds, summerhouses and log cabins.

Dog Kennels at Venture Farm

And last but not least, not many people know that cats love a dog kennel - as long as its unoccupied! The cats at Venture Farm are no exception with 6 of our plastic dog kennels scattered around the site to provide a cosy sanctuary.

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A Commercial Greenhouse at Norwich City College

The pictures below show a magnificent greenhouse which we installed in 2010 at a college in Norfolk. This twin apex roof greenhouse is over 80' long with a clear internal span. Features include a central box gutter and 42 automatically opening roof vents. The glazing is safe and durable 10mm thick multiwall polycarbonate. This heated greenhouse is used all year round as a classroom and for commercial growing. Many of the plants which grace the roundabouts around Norwich start their life in this greenhouse. It is the most complex greenhouse we have ever built. We supervised all aspects of the construction including the groundworks and installation.

Scroll down to see the completed greenhouse or click here to see additional images of the Groundworks or the Installation.

Click here to see additional images of the Groundworks or the Installation.

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3 Log Cabins at a 5 Star Hotel in Tuscany

The pictures below show a project we carried out in 2013, to supply 3 magnificent octagonal log cabins to a luxury 5 star hotel near Siena in Tuscany, Italy. The log cabins are situated in the grounds of the hotel. The cabin pictured below is an art studio for resident artists and guests.

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