Customer Photos of Sheds

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Scroll down to see unsolicited photos we have received of sheds, garages and storage buildings since 2006 ...

Photo from Michael in CM16

Michael, Epping, CM16, 9x7 Apex Shed 12, 1st November 2019

Photos from Colin in PE7

Colin, Whittlesey, Peterborough, PE7, 8x12 Brick Apex Concrete Shed 895, 17th August 2019

Photo from Phillip in S20

Phillip, Waterthorpe, Sheffield, S20, Apex Shed 587, 30th October 2018

Photo from Mark in LD3

Mark, Brynich, Powys, LD3, 11x14 Metal Shed 378, 12th September 2018

Photo from Allan in AB54

Allan, Huntly, Aberdeenshire, AB54, 11x12 Metal Shed 378, 2nd September 2018

Photo from Wes in NR13

Wes, Salhouse, Norwich, NR13, 6x8 Apex Shed 10, 1st June 2018

Photo from Richard in PR8

Richard, Southport, PR8, 9x10 Metal Shed 374, 15th May 2018

Photo from Stephen in KT21

Stephen, Ashtead, Surrey, KT21, 8x5 Apex Shed 12, 3rd December 2017

Photo from Jonathan in SG3

Jonathan, Knebworth, Herts, SG3, 10x22 Apex Shed 562, 2nd December 2017

Photo from Colin in CW2

Colin, Crewe, Cheshire, CW2, 11x14 Metal Shed 378, 16th August 2017

Photo from Matt in CH3

Matt, Tattenhall, Cheshire, CH3, 10x7 Potting Shed 99, 12th January 2017 (purchased in 2011)

Photos from Matt in NR13

Matt, Little Plumstead, Norfolk, NR13, 8x12 Apex Shed 159, 17th July 2016

Customer Photos from Sandra in CB25

Sandra and Pete, Waterbeach, Cambridge, CB25, 6x6 Apex Shed 063, 30th June 2016

Photo from Russell in N2

Russell, London, N2, 5x7 Pent Shed 11, 26th November 2015

Photos from Dave in S66

Dave, Rotherham, S66, 10x12 Log Cabin Shed 424, 8th November 2015

Photo from Neville in PE24

Neville, Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE24, 4x7 Metal Shed 360, 29th October 2015

Photo from Madelaine in CB6

Madelaine, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB6, 6x6 Potting Shed 573, 5th December 2014

Photo from Anne in RG10

Anne, Twyford, Reading, RG10, 5x7 Potting Shed 18, 1st November 2013

Photo from Brian in PE3

Brian, Peterborough, PE3, 10x19 Concrete Shed 632, 8th February 2013

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