Patio Heater 157 - Propane Gas, 12.5 kW, Hose and Regulator

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Patio Heater 157 - Propane Gas, 12.5 kW, Hose and Regulator
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Pictures 1 and 2 show the standard green finish patio heater. Picture 3 shows the black finish heater. Picture 4 shows the silver finish heater. Picture 5 shows a close up view of the heater controls. Picture 6 shows the optional full length protective cover.


This easy to use patio heater has a 12.5kW maximum output and a large reflector resulting in a wider heat distribution area. This patio heater will help you and your guests enjoy your garden in comfort for more of the year and it's stylish design is available in a choice of colours to suit any setting. The overall diameter is approximately 2'8" (815mm). The overall height is approximately 7'5" (2250mm). Unlike some units, this heater has a 360° heat output to enable more people to benefit when it's in use. The base of the heater is fitted with wheels for ease of movement to wherever it is needed. A regulator with hose is included as standard.

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  • 12.5kW maximum output (approximately 42k BTU)
  • Adjustable heater settings
  • Efficient piezo ignition
  • 360° heat output
  • Sturdy base with built in wheels for ease of movement
  • Large reflector for better heat distribution
  • Regulator with hose included
  • Gas bottle not included
  • Ventilation is required when in use
  • Gas shuts off automatically if the flame goes out or if the unit detects it is tilting too far
  • Overall diameter approximately 2'8" (815mm)
  • Overall height approximately 7'5" (2250mm)
  • Overall weight approximately 15kg
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