Fence Panel 660 - Larch, Planed, 16mm Chamfered Boards

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Fence Panel 660 - Larch, Planed, 16mm Chamfered Boards
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The first two pictures show the standard panels from a distance and close up. The third picture shows a close up end view of the chamferred boards.


These decorative 6'x6' (1.8x1.8m) fencing panels feature beautiful and durable European Larch throughout. The chamfered profile with narrow gaps between the boards ensures an effective privacy screen and an exceptionally strong fence. The boards are 16mm thick with a smooth planed finish and over 3 times thicker than standard fencing slats. Each board is chamfered with a quick drying drip profile for durability. All timber is smooth planed which lasts longer than standard sawn finish timber. The minimum order is five panels and you can add as many extra panels as you need. You can also add a wide range of accessories including posts, post caps, post supports and panel fixing clips. Gates and gate ironmongery are also available.

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  • All timber used in the construction of this fencing panel originates from sustainable forests
  • European Larch throughout
  • Strong ex 3" outer framing (finished size 70x28mm after machining)
  • Strong ex 3" intermediate framing (finished size 70x28mm after machining)
  • Smooth planed framing with rounded edges
  • Horizontal boards ex 3" wide (finished size 70x16mm after machining)
  • Boards chamfered at an angle to discharge rainwater quickly and for improved privacy
  • Smooth planed timber throughout, which lasts longer than standard sawn timber

LUXURY DESIGNER FENCING PANELS - THE BENEFITS: These high specification fence panels are designed not only to look good but also to last longer than standard fencing panels. Quality features include thicker framing, thicker boards, more durable fixings and smooth planed timber throughout.

These quality fence panels combine a simple and elegant design with angled horizontal boards to provide an effective privacy screen while at the same time discharging rainwater quickly to improve the durability. A substantial ex 3" thick framing is included for strength. The fixings are all stainess steel. In addition, the boards and framing are planed timber which lasts longer. Sawn timber has a rough finish which absorbs much more water and takes longer to dry. Planed timber is smooth so water drains quicker and the wood dries quicker.

LARCH: European larch is an extremely slow growing tree which grows in the very coldest climates, extending further north than almost any other tree. It grows throughout Siberia, northern Russia, northern Europe and Scandinavia. The cold climate ensures slow growth and a dense grain. European larch (larix decidua) is the largest tree in the larch family and produces the best timber. Although it is a coniferous wood it is also deciduous as it sheds its needles. Larch is prized as a very attractive and durable timber. The grain is pronounced and the wood has a pinkish tinge. The heartwood is a darker colour and the sapwood is lighter. Larch is a heavy timber with a density of around 590 kilogrammes per cubic metre. It is durable and workable. The European larch grows to a height of between around 60 and 120 feet (20 to 40 metres) with a diameter of around 3 feet or 1 metre. European larch has a life expectancy of 15 to 25 years if untreated. European larch is about 50% harder than pine, more durable and more flexible.

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