8 Seater Rattan Corner Set 765 - Aluminium Frame, Many Possible Designs

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8 Seater Rattan Corner Set 765 - Aluminium Frame, Many Possible Designs
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Pictures 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 show the standard corner set in many different possible positions. Picture 6 shows the contents of the set. Video 1 shows the modular seating arrangements available with this set.


This versatile rattan corner set features a modular design allowing many possible seating configurations. The set comprises of a corner seat, 2 seats with an arm (left/right), 2 seats with no arms and a curved footstool. The set also includes 2 tables with toughened glass which can be converted into 2 stools with cushions if extra seats are required. Also included are a full set of seat and back cushions and 4 scatter cushions. Luxury features include powder coated aluminium frames throughout with weatherproof rattan effect weave. The stylish design is enhanced by the attractive rattan fibres with a textured surface finish which provides a fibrous look and feel. Almost no maintenance is required, just an occasional wipe clean. This set is supplied in fully assembled elements which can be easily moved into a variety of different layouts. No installation is required.

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  • Weatherproof rattan effect weave corner set features a modular design allowing many possible seating configurations
  • Supplied in fully assembled elements with no installation required
  • Comfortably seats 8 people
  • Powder coated aluminium frames throughout, strong, lightweight and durable
  • 8mm flat weave wicker
  • 1 corner seat
  • 2 seats with an arm (1 left and 1 right)
  • 2 seats with no arms
  • 1 curved footstool
  • 2 tables with toughened glass which can be converted into 2 stools with cushions (includes 2 glass tops and 2 cushions)
  • Full set of seat cushions
  • Full set of back cushions
  • 4 scatter cushions
  • Detachable cushions, not connected to the seating, can be easily removed
  • Can be left outside in all weather
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Almost no maintenance is required, except an occasional wipe clean with warm soapy water
  • To prolong their smart new appearance for as long as possible the cushions should be stored under cover when not in use, for example in the shed or summerhouse, in the garage or in a cushion chest


  • Overall area of the combined sofas in Corner Design 1 (image 1 above) measured as a rectangle 8'6" (2600mm) x 8'6" (2600mm)
  • Corner seat - width 3'5" (1045mm)
  • Corner seat - depth 3'5" (1045mm)
  • Corner seat - height 2'6" (770mm)
  • Seat with an arm - width 2'9" (850mm)
  • Seat with an arm - depth 2'9" (850mm)
  • Seat with an arm - height 2'6" (770mm)
  • Seat with no arms - width 2'4" (720mm)
  • Seat with no arms - depth 2'9" (850mm)
  • Seat with no arms - height 2'6" (770mm)
  • Quarter circle footstool - width 3'1" (935mm)
  • Quarter circle footstool - depth 3'1" (935mm)
  • Quarter circle footstool - height 1'5" (420mm)
  • Square table / footstool - width 2'4" (715mm)
  • Square table / footstool - depth 2'4" (715mm)
  • Square table / footstool - height 1'5" (420mm)

WOVEN FURNITURE: High density polyethylene fibres are woven by hand in the traditional way around a strong and lightweight welded frame. The result is strong and attractive furniture which can withstand extreme weather. Woven furniture made with synthetic resin requires virtually no maintenance, except for occasional cleaning with soapy water.

SYNTHETIC RATTAN: The intricate rattan weave features finely detailed fibres woven by hand in a traditional basket weaving pattern. The high density polyethylene fibres are very strong but flexible, ideal for weaving. The fibres are also weather resistant and capable of withstanding UV rays.

CUSHIONS: Our cushions feature showerproof polyester fabrics. Cushions with a zip on one side are removable and machine washable at low temperatures. Cushions without a zip can be easily washed by hand in a bowl of soapy water. Occasional cleaning is required if cushions are stored outside for long periods. Your cushions should be stored in a dry environment during the winter to ensure that they remain in good condition.

SAFETY: This product should be placed on a flat, level and hard base. Concrete and paving are ideal, lawns are too soft. Children should not be allowed to climb on this product or to play around it without adult supervision. Jumping on this product is not recommended. Adults should sit down without excessive force. During the winter months and periods of adverse weather we recommend covering this product or storing it under cover.

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