Synthetic Wood 4 Seat Dining Set 250 - Teak Finish, Maintenance Free

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Synthetic Wood 4 Seat Dining Set 250 - Teak Finish, Maintenance Free
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Picture 1 shows the complete set. Pictures 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 show close up views of the chair and table.


This superb quality synthetic wood dining set features 4 spacious armchairs and a strong square dining table. It combines a traditional slatted design with a revolutionary new material which looks and feels just like real wood, but it will never rot and it requires virtually no maintenance. A teak finish is included which looks similar to opaque woodstain. It can be left outside uncovered in all weathers. Unlike wood, there are no knots, shakes or splinters and it is extremely durable and wear resistant. Standard features include a natural woodgrain texture and a UV resistant stain finish. The woodgrain texture and the stain colour run all the way through. The weight and density are similar to real wood and the finished set is stronger than any comparable timber set. It can even be sanded and painted. The seat is curved for greater comfort. The chairs and table are all supplied partly assembled with prefabricated panels for easy self assembly.

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  • Artificial wood with the same look and feel as real wood
  • Closely resembles the appearance of real wood
  • Realistic woodgrain surface texture runs all the way through
  • Paint colour runs all the way through
  • Teak finish included
  • Will never rot
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • No painting is ever needed
  • Easy wipe-clean surface
  • A pressure washer can be used for stubborn marks
  • Similar density and weight to real wood
  • Slightly heavier and stronger than most wood
  • Can be sanded, sawn, drilled or painted, just like real wood
  • No knots, shakes, sap or splinters
  • 4 armchairs included
  • 1 square dining table included
  • Traditional chair design with slatted seat and back
  • Simple and strong table design with substantial frame and solid posts
  • Prefabricated back, seat and side panels for simple chair assembly
  • Prefabricated table top, just requires the 4 legs to be fixed at each corner to complete the assembly
  • Table size 3'3" x 3'2" (983mm x 983mm)
  • Table height 2'6" (760mm)
  • Chair width 2'0" (620mm)
  • Chair depth 2'0" (604mm)
  • Chair height 3'1" (935mm)
  • Overall weight 105kg

SYNTHETIC WOOD - LOOKS AND FEELS LIKE REAL WOOD: This superb quality synthetic wood closely resembles real wood, with the same look and feel. However, it is virtually maintenance free and it will never rot. At a glance it is difficult to tell the difference between this synthetic wood and real wood. Furthermore, the similarities are not skin deep like a thin veneer. The grainy surface has a texture which looks similar to the grain of real wood but the grainy texture and the paint colour run all the way through this artificially engineered wood. It can be sanded, sawn, drilled or painted just like real wood. You can also fix things to it with standard woodscrews, for example if you wish to fix a commemorative plaque. This synthetical wood has a similar weight and density to real wood. The strength, durability and zero maintenance make this stunning furniture a popular choice with pensioners and discerning commercial buyers such as care homes.

SYNTHETIC WOOD - VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE FREE: The only maintenance required is occasional cleaning with soapy water to restore the original appearance. If any dirt or stains become engrained after prolonged neglect this tough furniture can be cleaned with a pressure washer. The most stubborn marks can be removed by lightly sanding with fine grade sandpaper, just like real wood. Most people keep the original colour in which case no painting is ever needed. If required, perhaps to match existing features, you can paint it any colour (although be aware that regular redecoration will be needed if you choose this option).

SYNTHETIC WOOD - BETTER THAN REAL WOOD: This revolutionary new material provides all the benefits of real wood with none of the maintenance and no deterioration. You can leave it outside uncovered all year round. Years later it still looks like new. Unlike real wood this synthetic wood is a weatherproof material with no knots, splinters, machining marks or other imperfections. It will never develop splits or shakes and no sap will ever ooze out of it. And unlike real wood, even if you sand it there is no need to paint it afterwards and it still looks like new. The technology behind our synthetic wood is similar to the technology behind artificial corks in wine bottles. Although plenty of people like the natural beauty of real cork, many people including many wine growers prefer artificial cork. The artificial cork is stronger, more durable and provides a superior performance with fewer problems - just like our synthetic wood.

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