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Wooden Gazebo 129 - Log Cabin, Hot Tub Cover, FSC® Certified

Wooden Gazebo 129 - Log Cabin, Hot Tub Cover, FSC® Certified
The picture shows the log cabin with the optional pressure treated floor.


This 11'x11' log cabin is designed to enclose and cover a hot tub or spa but it is also suitable for use as a heavy duty gazebo. All timber is FSC® certified. Quality features include pressure treated foundation beams, a tongued and grooved roof and a choice of 28mm, 34mm, 45mm or 70mm thick wall logs. The ridge height is under 2.5 metres high to avoid planning restrictions. Options include decorative felt tiles and a timber floor with pressure treated decking boards. Features include a large doorway opening and two smaller window openings. Pressure treatment is a lifetime preservative treatment. Instructions are supplied for self assembly. We offer fitting as a low cost option in many areas.

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  • All timber used in the construction of this product originates from sustainable forests
  • FSC Mix Credit, FSC certified product, certificate code INT-COC-003944(259), licence number FSC-C109654
  • To verify our FSC membership visit the FSC Member Search and search for Summer Garden
  • Choice of 28mm, 34mm, 45mm or 70mm thick wall logs, 28mm and 34mm thick wall logs are single tongued and grooved, 45mm and 70mm thick wall logs are double tongued and grooved
  • External cabin size 3.25m wide x 3.25m deep (10'8" x 10'8")
  • Internal cabin size 3.0m wide x 3.0m deep (9'10" x 9'10")
  • Minimum base size 3.05m wide x 3.05m deep (10'0" x 10'0")
  • Front canopy roof projection approximately 0.4m (1'4")
  • Pressure treated base frame below the walls included
  • 16mm thick tongued and grooved roof boards (finished size after machining)
  • 70mm x 45mm planed roof purlins
  • All log cabins include 1 window opening in each side wall
  • Window opening width 1.9m (6'3")
  • Door opening width 2.3m (7'7")
  • 20kg green mineral felted roof
  • Eaves height approximately 6'11" (2.1m)
  • Ridge height maximum 8'2" (2.5m)

A HOT TUB COVER OR A GAZEBO: This log cabin can be used to cover or enclose a hot tub or spa. Smaller hot tubs will pass through the door opening. Larger hot tubs are positioned before the cabin is installed. There is enough space inside to comfortably accommodate even a large hot tub. This versatile cabin is also popular as a garden gazebo which can be used as a shady retreat in the summer or as a store for garden furniture and toys in winter.

FSC® CERTIFIED TIMBER: This product is FSC certified. Our FSC licence number is FSC-C109654. Our FSC chain of custody certificate code is INT-COC-003944(259). To verify our FSC membership visit the FSC Member Search and search for Summer Garden. Please note that a valid FSC claim must always be specific to an individual product. If you want an FSC certified product it must be described as FSC 100% or FSC Mix Credit or FSC Mix 70% and accompanied by a valid licence number and certificate code from a genuine FSC member. Any other claim is invalid.

ABOUT THE FSC®: The FSC or Forest Stewardship Council is a non profit international organization which promotes responsible forest management throughout the world. Since it was established in 1994 the FSC has certified over 190 million acres of forest worldwide in over 80 countries. The FSC confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves the natural ecosystem and benefits the lives of local people and workers but also sustains economic viablility. FSC certification ensures that forests around the world are responsibly managed by protecting plant and animal species, the rights of indigenous people and the safety of forest workers. FSC chain of custody certification verifies that FSC-certified material has been identified and separated from non-certified and non-controlled material at every step throughout the supply chain.

SIZES - LENGTH AND WIDTH: The sizes are listed alongside the price. The first dimension listed is the width and the second dimension is the length. The width refers to the angled gable walls at the front and rear including the door wall. The length refers to the side walls. The sizes listed are the external wall sizes. These sizes do not include the roof overhang. Many other suppliers quote the overall roof size which is much larger.

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