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Wooden Apex Gazebo 413 - With Integral Summerhouse

Wooden Apex Gazebo 413 - With Integral Summerhouse
The pictures show the standard 13'x25' gazebo (4.0x7.5m).


These quality wooden gazebos are 13' deep (4.0m) and 16' to 25' wide (5.0m to 7.5m) overall. The price includes a large canopy and an integral summerhouse with large 4 pane folding doors. Standard luxury features include a fully boarded back wall and a half boarded side wall in 45mm or 70mm thick wall logs and large pane double glazing. A heavy duty timber floor in the summerhouse, decorative felt tiles and 19mm thick tongued and grooved roof boards are also included. A choice of preservative treatments and a durable gazebo floor are available as options. Detailed instructions are supplied for easy DIY self assembly. We offer fitting as a low cost option in many areas.

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  • All timber used in the construction of this log cabin originates from sustainable forests
  • 45mm or 70mm thick tongued and grooved wall logs (finished size after machining)
  • Partition to create an integral summerhouse area
  • Summerhouse approximately 8' deep x 8' wide (2.5x2.5m)
  • Canopy approximately 13'2" or 4.0m deep (excluding roof overhang)
  • External roof overhang 7" to all sides (180mm)
  • Overall gazebo roof size approximately 14'4" deep x 17'7" wide (4.36x5.36m) on 13'x16' gazebos
  • Overall gazebo roof size approximately 14'4" deep x 19'3" wide (4.36x5.86m) on 13'x18' gazebos
  • Overall gazebo roof size approximately 14'4" deep x 20'10" wide (4.36x6.36m) on 13'x20' gazebos
  • Overall gazebo roof size approximately 14'4" deep x 22'6" wide (4.36x6.86m) on 13'x21' gazebos
  • Overall gazebo roof size approximately 14'4" deep x 24'2" wide (4.36x7.36m) on 13'x23' gazebos
  • Overall gazebo roof size approximately 14'4" deep x 25'9" wide (4.36x7.86m) on 13'x25' gazebos
  • Easy assembly of the wall logs with no nails or screws, which also allows for timber movement
  • As with most log cabins, the roof is supplied unassembled with the rafters and roof boards cut to the correct sizes and angles
  • These gazebos are untreated as standard - the pictures show the optional preservative treatments available
  • Folding doors with 4 door leaves are included
  • Doors glazed with glass (no plastic, acrylic, styrene or perspex)
  • Premium double glazed doors with 24mm thick argon filled double glazing units, 16mm air gaps, a 1.1 U value and fitted with rubber weatherstrips to reduce draughts
  • Morticed and tenoned joinery doors
  • Panoramic low level glazing
  • Modern large pane glazing style
  • High security mortice lock and lever handles in a chrome or brass finish
  • 45mm gazebos feature pressure treated ex 3"x3" foundation beams (finished size 70mm x70mm)
  • 70mm gazebos feature pressure treated ex 4"x3" foundation beams (finished size 90mm x70mm)
  • Substantial tongued and grooved timber floor boards in the summerhouse
  • Strong 120mm x 120mm posts with angled braces
  • Strong 19mm thick tongued and grooved roof boards (finished size after machining)
  • Decorative mineral felt tiles in a choice of colours included as standard
  • Substantial timber fascia boards
  • 2 decorative balustrade panels
  • Door height 6'4" or 1935mm
  • Door width 6'7" or 1995mm
  • Eaves height 7'5" (2250mm)
  • Ridge height 10'4" (3150mm)
  • This building is easy to deliver if access is restricted - all sections will pass through a normal single door

HEAVY DUTY TONGUED AND GROOVED FLOOR: The timber floor kit features tongued and grooved floor boards and substantial floor joists. Skirting boards are also included to ensure a neat internal finish. The floor joists and tongued and grooved boards are supplied loose for fast assembly on site. Unlike many log cabin floor kits all timber is cut to size which saves time during installation. It also ensures that there are no visible joins in the finished floor. The floor is assembled quickly with no visible joints. With some cheaper cabins only the joists are cut to size and the boards must be cut in on site. This takes much longer and many of the joins are visible afterwards.

PRESSURE TREATED FOUNDATION BEAMS: Substantial foundation beams are laid on the base to support the walls. This ensures that the wall logs are not in contact with the ground. The foundation beams are pressure treated for durability. Pressure treatment is a lifetime preservative treatment. The preservative is forced into the timber under pressure in a vacuum and penetrates below the surface. All other treatments apply a coat of stain to the surface of the timber only. With pressure impregnated timber, the chemicals are permanently fixed in the wood. Tanalith E is the most popular preservative used so pressure treated wood is often described as tanalised. With the foundation beams this log cabin can be built without a floor. If required a timber or concrete floor can be laid inside after the walls and roof have been fitted.

SIZES - DEPTH AND WIDTH: The sizes are listed alongside the price. The first dimension listed is the depth and the second dimension is the width. The depth refers to the angled gable walls to each side. The width refers to the front and rear walls including the door wall. The sizes listed are external wall sizes. These sizes do not include the roof overhang. Many others quote the overall roof size which is much larger.

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