Modern Wooden Gazebo 868 - Pent Roof, Sliding Glass Wall

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Modern Wooden Gazebo 868 - Pent Roof, Sliding Glass Wall
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Pictures 1, 2 and 3 show the 9'10"x11'6" (3.0x3.5m) gazebo with optional internal floor. Picture 4 shows a close up of the standard handle in the glass sliding front wall (The model in the picture has a sliding glass wall in the side as well). A key locking mechanism is available as an optional extra. Picture 5 shows the optional paint colours available.


These superb wooden gazebos have a striking modern appearance and are available in sizes from approximately 7'x7' to 12'x12' (2.0x2.0m to 3.5x3.5m). Quality features include substantial ex 6"x6" posts (140x140mm) at each corner and plain fully boarded walls to the rear and both sides. To the front of the building are full height sliding glass panes, which are ideal for providing extra protection from the elements or insects when required or can be opened wide to allow easier access and enjoy a pleasant summer breeze. The glass panes feature 10mm thick toughened safety glass and high quality aluminium rails with low threshold. Optional door locks and draught excluding bristle strips are available to help turn the gazebo into a multi-purpose garden room for use in the nicer weather. The fully boarded walls are approximately 64mm thick overall and consist of strong internal and external vertical cladding boards attached to a chunky timber frame. A choice of spruce or larch cladding is available. Further contributing to the stylish modern appearance are the lack of roof overhang or oversize fascias. The low profile pent roof features heavy duty timber supports with 18mm thick tongued and grooved boards. The roof surface features a top quality one piece EPDM rubber roof covering which is durable and low maintenance. A strong and useful internal timber floor is available as an option with either durable larch decking boards or tongued and grooved spruce floor boards. Also available is a factory preservative treatment in a choice of colours. These luxury gazebos are ideal for use as a hot tub cover, a smoking shelter or as a place to sit with a laptop or tablet, whether for work or relaxation. Instructions are supplied for self assembly. We offer fitting as a low cost option in many areas.

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  • All timber used in the construction of this gazebo originates from sustainable forests
  • Suitable as a smoking shelter
  • Possible use as a hot tub cover
  • Unique patented wall jointing system with concealed aluminium connectors and strong 140x140mm timber posts
  • Fully boarded walls to rear and both sides, 64mm thick overall
  • Fully boarded walls consist of inner and outer vertical cladding boards attached to a strong internal timber frame
  • Contemporary plain glazing style with panoramic large panes
  • Full height sliding glass wall to the front
  • 2.0m front walls feature 2 glass panes
  • 2.5m, 3.0m and 3.5m front walls feature 3 glass panes
  • 10mm thick toughened glass panes
  • Black powder coated top and bottom aluminium frames
  • Low threshold aluminium rails ensure a smooth sliding action
  • The roof is supplied unassembled with the rafters and roof boards cut to size
  • Strong 18mm thick tongued and grooved roof boards (finished size after machining)
  • Durable and low maintenance one piece EPDM rubber roof surface with drainage outlet and downpipe
  • Modern appearance with no roof overhang and no oversize fascia boards
  • Durable aluminium roof trim
  • External overall ridge height approximately 8'0" (2450mm)
  • This building is easy to deliver if access is restricted - all sections will pass through a normal single door

STRONG AND STYLISH: These fantastic wooden gazebos combine an attractive modern appearance with superb strength and durability. The fully boarded walls consist of strong internal and external cladding boards which are mounted vertically. The cladding is attached to a chunky timber frame, giving an overall thickness of approximately 64mm. The wall panels are mounted between substantial ex 6"x6" posts (140x140mm) which, along with the large glazing and the clean and sharp exterior lines thanks to the lack of roof overhang, all contribute to this building's striking appearance.

ONE PIECE EPDM ROOF: A tough EPDM rubber membrane is made in one piece to the size of your roof with no joins. It is easily fitted within a few minutes at normal temperatures with no heat required. EPDM rubber is completely inert, UV stable and not affected by extreme temperatures. It never perishes and it will not rot, split, crack or degrade. EPDM rubber lasts for years with little or no maintenance. It has been widely used in flat roofing for over 40 years from Alaska to the Middle East. It is increasingly popular in the UK where it is widely used for re-roofing flat roof garages and extensions. Even in extreme weather conditions EPDM rubber remains flexible and it will stretch to absorb any movement as a timber roof expands and contracts with the seasons.

SIZES - LENGTH AND WIDTH: Sizes are sometimes rounded to the nearest nominal size for ease of reading but the correct external wall sizes are listed alongside the price. The first dimension listed is the depth and the second dimension is the width. The depth refers to the sides. The width refers to the fully boarded rear wall. All sizes quoted are the external gazebo sizes. All sizes are approximate.

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