Metal Gazebo 453 - Powder Coated Aluminium, Sliding Roof Shades

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Metal Gazebo 453 - Powder Coated Aluminium, Sliding Roof Shades
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Picture 1 shows the standard gazebo. Pictures 2 and 3 show close up views of the sliding roof shade panels.


This contemporary pergola style metal gazebo is approximately 10'x10' (3.0x3.0m). The overall height is 7'3" (2.2m) but this can be reduced by cutting down the corner posts. The posts and beams are durable powder coated aluminium. One louvred wall with non adjustable aluminium slats is included as standard. Quality features include four independent sliding roof shade panels. The panels overlap front-to-back, giving the option to open the front or rear panels to suit the position of the sun and create a relaxing shaded place for outdoor entertainment. The roof shade panels feature a weatherproof weave fabric. Base plates with pre-drilled holes are included to ensure easy fixing into any surface including concrete, slabs, decking or lawn. Instructions are supplied for DIY self assembly.

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  • Powder coated aluminium posts and roof beams
  • 60mm x 60mm box profile aluminium posts
  • One louvred wall with non adjustable powder coated aluminium slats
  • Four independent sliding roof shade panels which feature a weatherproof weave fabric
  • Detachable pulley tool for the roof shade panels included
  • Base plates included with pre-drilled holes
  • Overall width with footplates: 10'0" (3040mm)
  • Overall depth with footplates: 10'0" (3040mm)
  • Overall height: 7'3" (2200mm)
  • The height can be reduced by cutting the bottom off the posts but this will also require re-drilling four holes per post for the base plates

POWDER COATED ALUMINIUM: Extruded hollow section aluminium profiles are cut to size and drilled or welded to form a lightweight and strong frame. Aluminium is ideal for outside use because it does not corrode like steel. The aluminium is powder coated, a tough paint finish which has excellent weathering properties.

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