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White markers

White clip-in car park marker inserts, pack of 20

White markers

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£7.00 per pack

These specially designed plastic inserts are used to mark lanes or parking spaces in drives and car parking areas. Easy to install, the white circular inserts clip neatly into the hexagonal cells in the paving grids. The inserts are equally effective in soil-filled and gravel-filled paving grids. With soil-filled paving grids it is advisable to mow the grass the day before any major event to ensure maximum visibilty. The markers fill one 60x60mm hexagonal cell so the spacing must be in 60mm increments such as 2340mm, 2400mm or 2460mm and so on. The simplest marking would be 4 markers per parking space, one on each corner, but this is not very prominent. A minimum of 3 markers is required for a simple L-shape and 4 markers for a T-shape. We can easily send extra markers later if required, at the same price except for a small postage charge.

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