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Repackaged 2 Seater Bench 332 - High Back, Slatted Seat and Back

Repackaged 2 Seater Bench 332 - High Back, Slatted Seat and Back
The pictures show the standard bench. Pictures 5 and 6 show the location of the defect.


This attractive 2 seater garden bench is approximately 4' wide (1200mm) and features a timber slatted seat and back with timber framing. A light brown preservative finish is included as standard. The ergonomic design with a high back and curved seat provides greater comfort. The wide armrests can also be used as a drinks shelf. This bench is supplied as pre-assembled panels for easier self assembly. All fixings and instructions are included.

REPACKAGED PRODUCT: Our repackaged products are intact and fully usable. The price has been reduced because the product has been returned or the packaging has been damaged and it is no longer as new. All components are fully usable although there may be some imperfections or scratches. Our normal aftersales service is available for missing or faulty components.

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REPACKAGED PRODUCT: This product is similar to an ex display product. It should be complete and fully functional although the packaging may not be in new condition. All major components should be usable although there may be some blemishes, imperfections, scratches and signs of use. All major components should be present with no significant shortages unless listed although a few minor components such as screws, washers or cover caps may be missing. Our normal replacement parts service is available for faulty components as for new products.

Our repackaged products offer an opportunity to save money. Sometimes the packaging was damaged in our warehouse or in transit. Sometimes the product was returned or a customer ordered the wrong model. Some components may have minor damage and signs of wear. Whatever the reason, unless we can see that the product and packaging are in new condition we will not send it out as new. Instead we offer the product for sale as “repackaged”.

Repackaged timber products may include more imperfections than a new product including a higher incidence of knots, shakes, small splits, machining marks, filler, staining imperfections and other blemishes. An extra coat of woodstain is recommended to cover minor blemishes.

  • Pine 2 seater bench
  • Attractive light brown preservative finish
  • Easily painted in any other colour of your choice
  • 4 prefabricated pieces for simple assembly with 1 seat, 1 seat back and 2 ends
  • Slatted timber seat and back with slats running from side to side
  • Timber sizes are nominal i.e. before machining, unless described as finished size
  • Sturdy ex 3" legs (finished size 68x35mm)
  • Substantial slats to seat and seat back ex 3" wide (finished size 68x20mm)
  • Comfortable high back ergonomic design
  • Slatted seat and back
  • Smooth planed finish
  • Seat width approximately 3'5" (1040mm)
  • Overall width approximately 3'11" (1200mm)
  • Overall depth approximately 2'5" (740mm)
  • Overall height approximately 3'3" (1000mm)

PRODUCT DEFECT: This product was returned to us by a previous customer because the central support strut on the underside of the seat is misaligned. The strut is mounted slightly too far back which means if you line it up correctly at the back of the bench there is a gap at the front of approximately 20mm where it should butt up against the front support. The simplest fix would probably be to make use of a longer screw that spans the gap but alternatively if you're confident working with wood you could also realign the central strut.

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