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Double Door 45mm Octagonal Log Cabin 513 - Double Glazed

Double Door 45mm Octagonal Log Cabin 513 - Double Glazed
The pictures show the 15'x15' log cabin with optional felt tiles.


These premium quality octagonal log cabins are approximately 12'x12' (3.7x3.7m) or 15'x15' (4.5mx4.5m). Standard features include substantial 45mm thick wall logs and double glazing. The price includes double hinged doors and seven large pane double windows. The floor and roof are attractive and durable tongued and grooved boards. Roof options include untearable roofing felt, felt tiles and genuine cedar shingles. Other popular options include floor and roof insulation. Detailed fitting instructions are supplied for DIY self assembly. Low cost installation is available in many areas.

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  • All timber used in the construction of this log cabin originates from sustainable forests
  • 45mm thick tongued and grooved wall logs
  • Morticed and tenoned joinery doors and windows
  • Modern large pane glazing
  • Double glazed doors and windows (no plastic, acrylic, styrene or perspex)
  • Double hinged doors approximately 3'7" wide x 5'7" high (1100mm x 1700mm)
  • Mortice lock with handles and keys
  • 2 double opening windows approximately 3'3" wide x 5'7" high (1000mm x 1700mm)
  • 5 double non opening windows approximately 3'3" wide x 5'7" high (1000mm x 1700mm)
  • 20mm thick tongued and grooved floor boards (finished size after machining)
  • 18mm thick tongued and grooved roof boards (finished size after machining)
  • Substantial timber fascia boards to all sides

3.7x3.7m log cabin

  • External cabin size 3.7m wide x 3.7m deep (12'2" x 12'2")
  • Internal room size 3.61m wide x 3.61m deep (11'10" x 11'10")
  • Minimum base size 3.7m wide x 3.7m deep (12'2" x 12'2")
  • Eaves height approximately 2.01m (6'7")
  • Ridge height approximately 3.49m (11'5")

4.5x4.5m log cabin

  • External cabin size 4.54m wide x 4.54m deep (14'11" x 14'11")
  • Internal room size 4.45m wide x 4.45m deep (14'7" x 14'7")
  • Minimum base size 4.54m wide x 4.54m deep (14'11" x 14'11")
  • Eaves height approximately 2.01m (6'7")
  • Ridge height approximately 3.41m (11'2")

LOG CABINS - THE BENEFITS: Log cabins are popular for many reasons, especially as a comfortable garden room to sit and relax in but also as a workshop or heavy duty storage shed. On the outside cabins have a chunky look and feel. On the inside, with no internal framework, the clean lines look smarter than the inside of a traditional shed or summerhouse. In addition, the wall logs are thicker than the shiplap cladding used in traditional sheds and summerhouses, which provides better insulation. If you want the option of winter use we recommend floor and roof insulation, which is difficult to fit retrospectively so it needs to be fitted with the cabin. We offer low price insulation packs complete with fixings and instructions. Where available, double glazing also improves the insulation especially if the cabin has a large glazed area. Another significant benefit of log cabins is that you get more wood for your money when compared with a traditional shed or summerhouse or garden office. With no prefabricated wall panels a log cabin requires less production time.

NATURAL WOOD: First, high grade timber is dried in kilns until it reaches the optimum moisture content, then it is planed smooth and machined into tongued and grooved logs and boards. Next the logs are precisely machined at the ends to ensure a precise fit. Finally, each cabin is carefully packed and wrapped. When you unwrap it the wood is untreated. We recommend treating it only after the cabin has been successfully installed and ideally within a week or two. Treating the logs before fitting may cause the wood to swell up and the logs may not fit together correctly. If you are fitting your cabin in a restricted space where future access will be difficult you can stain the logs during installation by reaching down a few logs at a time as you fit them.

OCTAGONAL BUILDING SIZES: For ease of reference these octagonal log cabins are measured as a rectangle. The first dimension listed is the overall width from side to side and the second dimension is the depth from front to back. The external wall sizes are listed alongside the price. These sizes do not include the roof overhang. Many other suppliers quote the overall roof size which is much larger.

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